Sleeping Beauty Mask

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Sleeping Beauty Mask
Sleeping Beauty Mask
Sleeping Beauty Mask



Skin type: dehydrated, dry, normal and sensitive. 

This innovative, multi-purpose gel mask can be used as an overnight mask, moisturizer or makeup primer. Give your stressed, dry or dull skin an intense dose of moisture! 


  • Hydrates: Royal jelly Contains complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals that promote healthy and more plump looking skin. 
  • Soothe: Our unique blend of aloe-rose hydrosol balances the skin’s PH and soothes inflammation, irritations or stressed skin.

The result: skin looks and feels more hydrated, soft and plumped 


Royal Jelly, a honey bee secretion used to nourish queen bees can protect your skin by providing deep softening and intense hydration. It contains complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals that promote healthy and more plump looking skin. It’s comparable to hyaluronic acid as it retains 100x more moisture than water, giving your skin the moisture it's been missing.  

Aloe Vera extract and rose hydrosol combination, hydrates, balances and reduces redness.

Vitamin E, a fat soluble antioxidant works to block free radicals, thus reducing wrinkles and restoring youthfulness to the skin.

Hibiscus flower, known as the “botox” plant has many anti-aging benefits.


As Overnight mask: Apply an even layer over clean, dry skin before bedtime. Concentrate on face,neck or any areas that need extra moisture. No need to rinse – wake up to hydrated, noticeably plumped and brighter skin!

As moisturizer: Apply an even layer over clean, dry skin in the morning after cleansing. We suggest using a pea size amount of product and gently pat your skin, a Japanese skincare technique to stimulate blood flow and for better product absorption. Patting is most effective for dry,patchy or flaky areas of the face. Works well after using AHA/BHA to soothe skin. 

As makeup primer: There are two ways to use Sleeping Beauty mask as a makeup primer- both suggestions will result with a soft, natural look. 

BB cream effect: Use a pea size amount of mask with your favorite foundation (the usual amount you would use to apply for the whole face) and mix it together creating a creamy, light texture. Apply to face with finger or brush for a flawless look. Patting product on your skin will help minimize the look of big pores.

Heavier coverage: Apply an even layer over clean, dry skin after cleansing, the same way you would use this mask as a moisturizer. Next, apply your foundation with a brush or finger for a flawless even look.


VO BEAUTY is a simple collection of easy-to-use skincare products that covers all the essentials you need in your daily routine. Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, each multi-purpose VO BEAUTY product is made to give your skin a serious glow.

All products are consciously sourced, cruelty-free and made entirely free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulphates and harmful preservatives. Each skincare product is formulated using all natural, non-toxic ingredients and scents only from essential oils.

Vo Beauty is an artisanal skincare line designed and handcrafted in Toronto, CA 

Sleeping Beauty Mask
Sleeping Beauty Mask
Sleeping Beauty Mask

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