Revive Tea

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Revive Tea
Revive Tea
Revive Tea



Give your liver some love. REVIVE is a nourishing blend that supports your liver –– when we have that part of our body up to speed, everything else falls into place! This detoxifying blend of green tea and herbs helps your body rejuvenate if it’s feeling depleted after your last workout, hike or for the introverts who powered through one too many events this week.


  • To see the full list of benefits, go HERE

Flavour profile:

Refreshingly clean and earthy with a hint of ginger spice.

How to steep the perfect cup: 

Steep 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea at 175 °F for 3-4 minutes.


12 - 16 cups

Why Woash created this blend: 

We affectionately dub this tea as our weekender blend, for all our AM and PM adventures. We wanted a tea that could double up as our adventure partner out in the mountains and as a refreshing companion for when we’re working from home! REVIVE helps us bring us back into our bodies when depletion hits and boosts our overall vitality. You’ll always find us sneaking in a couple of packets in our carry-on when we head out on vacation.

Drink REVIVE when:

REVIVE is perfect to have on hand after your next workout, halfway through an adventure in the mountains or to grab on-the-go when you’ve got an active day up ahead.


All ingredients are gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and Certified Organic. 

  • Sencha green tea
  • Ginger
  • Milk thistle
  • Lemon peel
  • Gingko leaf
  • Calendula flower

To see why these ingredients were chosen and what benefits they have, go HERE

3 ways to enjoy REVIVE:

  1. Add ice and lemon wedges. Guilt-free sweet tea? Yes, please! REVIVE pairs beautifully with ice and lemon wheels for an extra nourishing and refreshing treat with a kick. Learn how to steep cold tea here.
  2. Keep it on standby in the fridge. Steep it in your favourite water bottle and store it in your fridge, so it’s always there when you need it –– perfect to have on hand after your next workout, adventure or to grab on-the-go when you’ve got an active day up ahead. 
  3. Upgrade your smoothie. Add a cup of iced REVIVE to your morning smoothie instead of your go-to nut milk, yoghurt or water –– it’ll add a natural liver detoxification and brain boost to your morning smoothie!


We believe nourishing your body and living a balanced lifestyle doesn't have to be so, damn complicated.

We believe that the key to self care is getting in touch with your intuition and listening to your body's needs to support you on your unique journey to balanced living. Yes, that means embracing your healthy and indulgent cravings with minimal restriction.

But all too often, choosing wellness products to nourish and support your body’s specific needs is confusing and overwhelming. Maybe you’ve read labels and recognized ingredients that are ‘supposed’ to be good for you, but have no idea why. Or maybe you’ve done your research, but all those superfoods keep going in and out of style as fast as the latest fashion trend, leaving you totally confused. And maybe you’ve got a cupboard full of powders, supplements, teas, and tonics but have no clue  when to use them or what they actually do.

Our products aim to simplify your self-care and take the guesswork out of giving your body what it needs - without restriction - so you can just live. (Because where’s the fun in "no," can't" and "shouldn't”?)

With purposeful benefits, our teas are designed to support your body’s immediate and daily needs, without confusion.

Revive Tea
Revive Tea
Revive Tea

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