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The Chamomile & Calendula Vitality Moisturizing Cream is made from our macerated chamomile and calendula oil in which we added geranium essential oil. Silky and smooth, it is suitable for dehydrated and mature skin. Just a small amount will suffice for your face and neck.

Chamomile and calendula are calming and soothing, which is why we have created a symbiosis of these two plants with the addition of rice bran oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and olive oil that all protective, regenerating and soothing for the skin.

The texture was designed for a night cream, so it is a little thicker than a lotion, but it can also be used throughout the day.

Perfect for all skin types, especially mature skin. Contains several ingredients recommended for “anti-aging” treatments.

Made of organic and fair trade ingredients.

10 ml | 100% Vegan | Not tested on animals.


Olive oil: Softening and soothing. Indicated for dry, sensitive, mature skin.
Argan oil: “Anti-aging”, acts against dryness of the skin. Firming and regenerating. Indicated for mature skin.
Rice bran oil: Rich in vitamin E, protective, anti-aging, regenerating, soothing.
Jojoba Oil: Balances sebum. Protection against external aggressions. Ideal for dry, mature or sensitive skin.
Chamomile: Anti-inflammatory, calms itching – soothing, softening.
Calendula: Ultra-calming, helps with redness, itching, irritation and inflammation.
Blueberry hydrosol: Calming and regenerating. Refreshes, stimulates and brightens the complexion. Relieves and reduces minor irritations.
Geranium essential oil: Antibacterial, toning, anti-inflammatory, healing, normalizes sebum secretions



Apply around the eyes morning or / and evening. Requires a very small amount to apply, apply to clean skin.

The product is brittle and is designed to melt to the touch, it should be stored away from light and heat. 


Founded by a female entrepeneur in Montreal, QC with the intention to create a full product line of natural cosmetics and skincare products at fair prices. She was determined to encourage the use of more economical, natural and environmentally friendly products all made from the highest quality botanical ingredients from eco-friendly sources. 

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