Organic Linen Woombie



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Organic Linen Woombie
Organic Linen Woombie
Organic Linen Woombie


Snuggle, swaddle, sleep, repeat!

- Encourages back sleeping (babies are more likely to maintain sleep when swaddled on their back)

- Gently cocoons baby's arms and keeps hands away from the face

- Allows baby to hold/touch their own hands while swaddled

- Hip & shoulder friendly design

- Stretchy but snug fabric mimics the feeling of being cuddled, held, and touched

- Narrowed waitline gently compresses the tummy

- Fabric moves "with" baby to mimic the womb-like environment

- Allows for natural arm/leg movement

- Seamless interior for more safety and comfort

- Organic Linen


The Original Woombie is a one-step self-soothing swaddle designed with soft, light, breathable, fabric in an ergonomically "hip healthy" shape. Mild compression mimics the sensation of touch and an arms-free interior allows for self-soothing in the "hands over heart" recommended sleep position. 

One step swaddling with multi-dimensional stretch and a 2-way zipper for ease of use and to prevent unraveling as with a traditional blanket. 

Organic Linen Woombie
Organic Linen Woombie
Organic Linen Woombie

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